FAST X | Official New Trailer


Fast and Furious 10 (Fast X), which will meet with the audience next month, has released a new trailer with a high dose of action.

The Fast and Furious series, one of the most successful action franchises not only of recent years but of all time, is returning to theaters with its highly anticipated 10th film.

Fast and Furious 10, which is hoped to bring the series back to its good old days after stumbling with the ninth movie, will be released in theaters in the coming days. Universal, which continues its promotional efforts for the new Fast and Furious movie, which is now a short time away from its release, has released a new action-packed trailer from the movie.

The Fast and Furious series, which stumbled with the ninth movie, which went a bit too far with its exaggerated story and action scenes that got further and further away from realism, aims to return the series to its old successful days by returning to more familiar waters this time. As a matter of fact, this new trailer shows that a more grounded story than the ninth movie awaits the audience.


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